Mini the Pixie is in the house

Well, this is a bit of good news. The first adventure of Mini the Pixie has been published on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble,  Nook, Kobo and a bunch more.  You can purchase it or download a free sample on Amazon here. The illustrations are by the very talented Margherita Cartoni. Here are some of the gang here:

I had a wonderful time writing this book. I especially loved Mr. Troll Bob for his humor and the ants that enjoy a bit of bungee jumping and their military style of handling any obstacle that jumps in their way.

Here is little to of when Mini asks the ants for their help:

Mini raced towards Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants, hoping he would be able to help her.

“Come on, chaps! Put your backs into it! We want one million blackberries in the pantry before nightfall!” Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants shouted up to the ants in the blackberry bush. Mini heard groans and grumbles coming back down.

“Excuse me, Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants, my name is Mini. I have some honey you might be interested in.”

“Eh? Who are you? You’re not an ant. Off you go, we are very busy!”

“But…but…” Mini spluttered.

“But-but? No, we don’t want any but-but! We are preparing for winter and it looks like rain. We are ants and do not like rain one bit. Thank you and good day!” Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants turned and began shouting orders again.

“Oh dear, I just know that they would love the honey, if only I could get them to listen,” Mini said to herself.

She was trying to think of what to do when an ant with a name badge that read “Private Soldier Smarty Pants” marched up to Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants and started speaking.

“Sarge-Ant, I received word from the chaps higher up in the bush that we have a situation. There are no more ripe blackberries left. The birds took quite a lot this year, Sarge,” he said, shaking a fist at a nearby bird.

“Nonsense, my boy! There must be more. Winter is upon us,” shouted Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants.

Hearing him, Mini knew that this was her chance. She tapped Sareg-Ant Bossy Pants on the shoulder and in her bravest voice said, “Excuse me. I may have an idea for helping you get out of your sticky situation, and you can help me get out of one too.”

“Really! Well, don’t just stand there, do tell and on the double. Winter is upon us, you know!” shouted Sarge-Ant Bossy Pants.

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